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Opinions/point of view of people who are against homosexuality

The vast majority of people who are against homosexuality are religious conservatives. Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam strongly condemn homosexuality (or sodomy, in religious terms). Studies have shown that this societal treatment has caused a high rate of suicide among homosexuals because many believe that homosexuality is “morally wrong, inappropriate, evil, sick, disordered, and abnormal.” Their reasons for condemning sodomy are mostly centered on religious beliefs, especially related to Christianity. Christians say that homosexuality “was not in God’s plan, since he created Adam and Eve, a man and a woman” (Casey). Furthermore, in the Bible, He speaks of how the city of Sodom was destroyed because of the large homosexual population. Yet one must keep in mind that these are actually man’s interpretations, not an actual dictated fact. Since this is apparently a weak argument for those who don’t believe in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, other arguments of people against homosexuals relate to the possible social consequences.

Relgious conservatives also believe that the behavior of homosexuals is unacceptable, and that they are against family values and therefore suspend the continuation of the human species. It is also believed that homosexuals help spread the AIDS virus, are unfaithful to their partners, and have a need to “recruit” and be specially recognized. Consequently, they are considered to be harmful due to their bad influence on the younger population of society. After all, it is these same people who believe that sexuality is determined by the upbringing of a person and can only be later changed during adulthood. All this is justified by religion, thus again returning to the issue of religious beliefs. Therefore, the most convincing argument is that homosexuals have the need to be specially recognized. If homosexuals are truly striving to have “equal rights” with people of other sexual orientations, there should be no need for gay-rights movements and parades in order to “specially celebrate” homosexuality.

Values reflected in this point of view

Many of the values reflected through views of conservatives who are against homosexuality are based on religious morals, which are very important in all societies. Christians, Jews, and Muslims often use religion to support their discriminations against homosexuals. In other cases, conservative people’s arguments tend to focus on old traditions. From a wider perspective, some moderate people tend to have a sense of family values, which may contradict with homosexual practices. Religious conservatives say that marriage will no longer be the sacred institution between one man and woman it was said to be because of homosexual practices. Overall, most of the values reflected are concentrated on the religious and traditional beliefs.


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