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This webpage is a masterpiece made by Freda Auyeung and Akiko Abe.  We were assigned this project in our World Civilizations class by our wonderful teacher, Ms. Julie Krutke (just mentioning her name because we are forced to mention ours, so it's only fair).  The requirements were that we had to create a webpage based upon our research done on a case study related to values conflicts.  So, we chose to do homosexuality.  Please keep in mind that this is a fact page.  We have not put down any of our personal opinions on this issue.  Please take time to give some feedback to us by signing our guestbook.  You may also see what other people have said.

Homosexuality is a very controversial topic, so in this webpage, we will explore the different sides of this topic.  Is homosexuality "disgusting, weaking society, and destroying family values" as some claim or is there truly nothing wrong with people who have decided to take a different step in their lives?  This is the big question that you should be able to answer for yourself after reading over our information.  Click on a link above to start or you can start by reading our autobiographies below.


Basic Information about the webmistresses

Hello!  I'm Akiko Abe.  I am full Japanese but I've lived in the United States for a few years and now I'm living in Thailand.  I've only lived here for a few months.  There are three people in my family, not including me: my mom, my dad, and my little brother.  I also have a pet rabbit.  Right now, I attend the 9th grade in the International School of Bangkok.  When I'm not at school or doing homework (they give us lots of homework at this school!), I like emailing my friends.  I've never made a webpage before since I'm a little computer illiterate, so I'm very proud of this page, as you can imagine.  I put lots of effort into this webpage and the result has definitely shown.  I hope you will enjoy this page as much as I did making it!


Welcome earthlings!  My name is Freda Auyeung.  I'm the "experienced" web designer (two years experience) in our little group but I assure you that Akiko helped a *BUNCH* on this project!  I will admit we worked ahead... before webpage tutorial session *shhhh, don't tell*  I am Hong Kong-Chinese/Thai.  I was born and grew up in Hong Kong during the early years of my life and lived in New York for about a year.  Including this year, I have lived in Thailand for a total of nine years.  I attend 9th grade at ISB (International School of Bangkok).  I have one older sister (who is a genius and good at practically everything), a mom, a dad, and a pet dog, Max.  My hobbies are sports, computer stuff (especially graphic designing... how did you guess?), and sleeping! 

I have to keep this short. If you'd like to learn more about me, visit my personal homepage.


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