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In these last few years of webpage designing, I've improved incredibly and it's all thanks to the support and help of many people. So, this page is for all those people. (1, 2, 3... "awwwwwww") For the sake of simplicity, I'm omitting names because... well, you know who you are.

A pretty rose My family: for buying all the software, teaching me, putting up with me... and of course, telling me the page looks "OK" whenever I ask.
My teachers and friends: who assigned all those interesting projects that prompted the creation of another crazy webpage to show off *grin*, and those who worked with me to complete a project
Webpage buddies: thanks to all those online chat pals who helped me and taught me all the little tricks I've used over the years on my webpage.
Hosts: webpage hosts, guestbook hosts... thanks for your (mostly) free services.
All the other cool webpages out there: for inspiration, ideas, scripts, and all the other stuff.

Thank you!!!

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