During my presentation, I wanted to use a toy boat and Legos to simulate the actual event of the sinking.  However, I never found the toy boat :(  So, I have created a small slide show through progression of  images and added a description of the event to go along with it.  The final animation is at the end.

FRAME 1 (Sunday May 2nd, 1915):

First day out.  This would be the beginning of the Lustania's 202nd voyage across the Atlantic.  They departed from New York, and were heading towards Europe through Liverpool with 1257 passengers and  702 crew members.  Captain William Turner was in charge of the voyage and he was an experienced veteran commander; however, the rest of the crew were inexperienced. 

FRAME 2 (Tuesday, May 4th, 1915):

The voyage runs smoothly and is halfway through.  The weather is fine so a smooth crossing is anticipated by all.  



FRAME 3 (Thursday, May 6, 1915):

The Lusitania is at the most dangerous portion of its voyage as it prepares to enter Berlin's War Zone.  Captain Turner is warned of submarine activity off the southern coast of Ireland and commanded to avoid those areas.  He ignores the commands and instead keeps a close watch and closes all water tight doors along with securing all portholes.

FRAME 4 (Friday, May 7, 1915):

The Lusitania has reached and area with heavy fog and thus, reduces the traveling speed.  Captain Turner is now unsure of his position and continues to ignore orders to zigzag, maintain top speed, and avoid headlands when in dangerous waters.

FRAME 5 (Friday, May 7, 1915 @ 1pm):

Captain Turner decides to swing back as they head towards the U-20 German U-boat.

FRAME 6 (Friday, May 7, 1915):

Two torpedoes are shot off, causing panic.  Power is cut off , resulting in no communication with the engine rooms.  Some passengers are trapped below decks while others attempt their escape and end up tipping many of the lifeboats.

FRAME 7 (Friday, May 7, 1915):

The Lusitania sinks in 18 minutes.  Many passengers die trapped in elevators or between decks. It is later discovered that 60% of the passengers and crew members aboard lost their lives totalling up to 1,198 people, 128 of which were Americans. Three American celebrities die, including Frohman, Hubbard, and Vanderbilt.  140 passengers are left unidentified and 900 are never found. 


FINAL ANIMATION TO SUMMARIZE EVERYTHING (for those of you who are interested):


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