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Yes, I know, "assigned creations" is an odd title... this is basically a section with all my schoolwork that is of a presentable quality. Some of them are relatively helpful while you may find in others that I wasn't always the brightest kid. Most of these are online/webpage assignments that were left untouched after they were turned in so I decided to make use of them. Enjoy!

Rainforest Reports:A sixth grade 3-topic report on sloths, silkwoms, and rubber trees. They're lengthy reports and kind of poorly written but there is some good information for those who are interested.
The Five Senses:This is a group project I did for science class in 7th grade. This is probably the website/project that I get the most feedback on consantly.
Fractals:I did this in 9th grade for math class. An interesting (and really basic) overview on fractals... at least the pictures are cool. I did the research and project with a partner.
Values Conflict - Homosexuality:This is a presentation on both sides of the "conflicting values" on homosexuality. I did this in 9th grade for World Civilizations. I also did this one with a partner.
The Sinking of the Lusitania:A 10th grade project for Modern World History on a cause of World War II. A great animation made by yours truly.
Spanish Portfolio:If you can read spanish, this might be something interesting for you. I can't promise that the grammar/spelling/etc. is perfect, though.
Traditional Chinese Medicine:A detailed analysis of the controversial practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Prokaryotes:An IB biology project I did in 11th grade where we had to "write a chapter of a textbook" on prokaryotes.
Animal Behaviors Project:Another IB biology assignment where we had to illustrate and explain all the types of animal behaviors for neurology unit.

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