These are a list of links to websites we used to do this research project.  We thank all the wonderful webmasters for their work on the informative sites.
- Chaos & Fractals: explanations of individual fractals
- Mandelbrot and Julia Sets: links and basic information
- Complex numbers, Mandelbrot Set, Julia Set: explanations on graphing fractals 
- Classic Julia/Mandelbrot Sets:  more explanations on graphing fractals
- Mandelbrot: information on Benoit Mandelbrot
- About fractals: history of fractals and more
- Ecology and the Fractal Mind in the New Architecture: a Conversation: plenty of information on fractals

These are links for you to surf at your own pleasure if you want to learn more about fractals.
- Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math: Definition/further exploration on Mandelbrot Sets
- Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math: Definition/further exploration of imaginary numbers
- Fractals: links to fractal sites
- Infinite Fractal Loop: a webring and fractal information
- MathNet Fractals: plenty of facts and info on fractals
- The Fractory: tools for exploring fractals
- Make a fractal: pretty much self-explanatory
- Javaapplets: "games" related to fractals

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