Welcome to our website, "Exploring Fractals (how original!)".  This website is a math project made by Freda Auyeung and Jane Panamaneechot for our Accelerated Geometry class.  Below, you will find a variety of information on fractals. 

What is a fractal?
Fractal comes from the Latin word "fractus" meaning "to break".  A fractal is a complex pattern (or random shape) plotted by coordinates that are generated by repeating an equation.  These coordinates have to be graphed using a computer which is able to interpret imaginary numbers.  Currently, fractals are a fairly new branch of science and math and it has been recently found that they cannot be explored without relatively powerful computers.  In addition, fractals may become a new-data representation method along with line/parabola graphs.  There are many types of fractals; two of them are Mandelbrot and Julia.  

How is this related to geometry or math?
Fractal geometry is an efficient method to draw realistic, natural objects using basic shapes and repeating them.  This method is used for landscape designing in movies.  Examples of things that fractals describe or represent are clouds, mountains, turbulence, coastlines, etc.

What is Fractal Music or the Sound of Chaos?
Fractal music or "Sound of Chaos" is music made from assigning a note to a specific answer from a fractal equation.  Each number is assigned to a note and the answer of the equation is another note meaning the pattern repeats infinitely.  Examples may be found here.  

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