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----- TAXIS -----
"(taks iss): a movement toward or away from a stimulus" [Campbell, Biology 4th Edition]

Right-side up Dragonfly
Sunset and dragonfly in modified picture from Days of Bygone Years and Photos of Japanese Odonata respectively.
Upside up Dragonfly
Dragonfly in modified picture from Photos of Japanese Odonata.

A variety of stimuli exist, such as light, heat, moisture, sound, gravity, and chemicals. Light plays an important role in dragonfly taxis. Dragonflies must have light above their eyes when they fly. Under the sun, they will fly as we normally see: right side up. However, when they are put in a dark room with a flashlight on the ground, they will automatically change their flying position. In these situations, dragonflies will start flying upside down.

Photos of Japanese Odonata
Days of Bygone Years
Why? How? The Illustrated Book of Animals

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