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"(so shul be hay vee ohr): any kind of interaction between two or more animals usually of the same species" [Campbell, Biology 4th Edition]

Wolf pups play fighting
Picture from Wildlife Science Center.
Play fighting is a common social behaviour in many animals. Wolf pups often interact in this manner so that they can gain a variety of hunting, survival, and social skills. Wolves have an organised social hierarchy in which there is a dominant alpha pair. The male and female alpha wolves mate to reproduce offpsring and undertake other imporant responsibilities.
The beta wolves are considered dominant in the full pack's social system, but subordinate to the alpha pair. These wolves will have a secondary division system which is based mostly on maturity and age. The last category includes a few outcast (omega) wolves that tend to stay away from the rest of the pack. Young wolf pups do not have a clear position in this social system. Therefore, interacting through playing, fighting, and chasing other pups allow them to find their place in the hierarchy.

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