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----- MATE SELECTION -----
"(mayt selek shun): the selection of a reproductive partner based upon factors such as animal fitness and behaviour"

A peacock displaying its wonderful feathers to attract a mate
Picture from Japanese Website.

In mate selection of peafoul, the tail feathers of the peacocks are important to peahens. The reasons why a peacock’s tail feathers are found attractive to peahens is because it is their indication of the peacock’s survival ability. The gorgeous tail feathers are noticeable to not only the peahens, but also to the predators. This is why peahens have feather colors that blend into their habitat. So peacocks that are able to survive with the tail feathers, which acts as a handicap to them, must have some characteristics that will be valuable so that females would want to chose that peacock as her mate.

Intersexual Selection and Mate Selection Criteria
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