Yuki and Freda's Animal Behaviour 'Video'
Kin Selection
Altruistic Behaviour
Fixed Action Pattern
Mate Selection
Operant Conditioning
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Social Behaviour

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----- GREETINGS! -----

    This is a website created to illustrate 13 different animal behaviours for our IB Biology class. A lot of the basic information that is in the text sections of the page are based on some of the knowledge gained by reading Chapter 50 of Campbell's Biology 4th Edition textbook.
    To begin, please choose one of the behaviours listed on the side. You will come to a page with a brief description explaining the behaviour (usually a definition) and pictures/animations illustrating the behaviour along with an appropriate explanation. Audio files can be downloaded if you choose to do so. They are fairly big, so please be patient while they download because they illustrate the concepts well.
    Any questions/comments/concerns regarding the website or any information can be sent to Freda or Yuki.

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