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September 28th, 2008 - I am slowly phasing out the webpage, leaving only the non-personal aspects in hopes that those who have linked to my webpage over the years will not face a ton of broken links. Thank you for everyone's support over the years. WELCOME!
You have come across my little place on the web, formerly (and never again) known as "The F-Files: Freda's Personal Webpage". I decided to move beyond my middle school years with the tacky multicolored background colors and lame jokes to and show a bit more maturity. If you're interested at taking a peek at the old design (with tons of broken links), stop by here. This webpage is essentially the product of my misspent youth in front of a computer. I don't have much to show for it except for a couple arguably creative "random creations." Think of this as a journey through my youth, and portfolio of things by which I am now occasionally embarassed (in all fairness, though, it was too horrible of a production for a child at my age). I may go through and completely revamp the content one day, but until my nostalgic tendencies die off, enjoy!! This page is best viewed with Internet Explorer (as it was made there).

Freda Auyeung

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